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Jamie’s Italian Restaurant, Brisbane City

Celebrity super chef Jamie Oliver’s self-titled restaurant, Jamie’s Italian, is every bit as warm, welcoming and quirky as he is. Jamie Oliver is most well-known for his passion for wholesome, nutritious and hearty dishes, which is precisely the type of food you’ll be served at Jamie’s Italian. With a strong focus on fresh ingredients, Jamie’s menu caters largely for vegetarians with hearty salads and delicious vegetarian main meals.

Situated on busy Albert Street, Jamie’s Italian is a world away from the hustle and bustle of city life and the mad lunch rush happening just outside its doors. When you first walk in it’s as if you’ve wandered into a little restaurant in the heart of Rome; Italian culture is everywhere. Cured meats, cloves of garlic, dried chillies and herbs and vines of lemons and limes hang from the ceiling above the central kitchen which pay tribute to very ingredients that have made Italian food a globally adored cuisine.

Despite it being a scorching February afternoon, the atmosphere is pleasantly warm and inviting with dimly lit low hanging rose gold dome lights, which create a cosy nighttime feel, private booths and dark wood wall boards that encircle the space like outstretched arms in a hug. It’s just like being in Nonna’s kitchen.


This creamy, buttery risotto was deliciously fluffy and cloud-like in texture and was the perfect entree to start with. The rich but balanced flavour of warm truffle completely transformed this dish from a humble bowl of risotto to a deceivingly sophisticated dish. Served as an entree as part of the Super Lunch Special, it’s an excellent dish to begin with as it warms your palate and leaves your tastebuds lubricated with a desire for more.


The superfood salad was the ultimate vegetarian main meal. It certainly earned it’s superfood title with healthy ingredients such as tender broccolini, charred avocado, fresh mint, wholesome quinoa and wild rice, pepitas, sweet roasted beetroot, crisp, fresh salad leaves and topped with a generous dollop of ricotta and a smear of tomato coulis. The softness of the avocado and the firm grains and crispy rocket leaves marry well together and add an element of contrast. Healthy, nutritious and packed full of whole foods, this dish certainly embodies Jamie’s personal food philosophy.

With tasty, healthy dishes, plenty of seating space, private booths and authentic Italian-inspired decor that takes you on a journey to Italy, Jamie’s Italian is the perfect restaurant to visit for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike!


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