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Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen, West End

Tucked away in a quiet side street in West End is the wonderfully quaint and rustic cafe Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen. Focused on providing healthy, nourishing and delicious food free from sugar, additives and processed ingredients, Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen is more than just a healthy cafe; it’s a secret garden sanctuary serving beautiful vegetarian food!


Past the front dining room with the cute mismatching table and chairs is a little hallway that takes you out the back to a secret garden style dining room that’s open and airy and surrounded by a sweet array of pot plants and a vertical herb garden. Mesmerised by the quaint, rustic tables and chairs, Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen is the type of place you’d find Alice in Wonderland having tea; there’s tiny vases of flowers on each table, pot plants hanging on the walls, a herb garden at the back and rustic decorative doors that frame the hallway and make you feel at home and welcome.



The nourish bowl tasted even better than it looked! Crunchy beetroot noodles, warm roasted pumpkin, crispy salad leaves, warm-spiced chickpeas and a soft poached egg – 100% vegetarian and gluten-free! The contrasting texture of the crunchy beetroot noodles and the soft pumpkin, chickpeas and egg added a fantastic textural element that really enhanced the dish. As the produce used was fresh and crisp, the dish was a deliciously sophisticated masterpiece despite it’s simplistic nature. Nourishing vegetarian food is what being a vegetarian is all about and at Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen you’ll get only the best vegetarian food!

Beautiful, earthy decor and fresh vegetarian food is a combination that always guarantees a good time. Next time you’re in West End make sure you head to Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen! The healthy food, friendly staff, beautiful rustic decor and gorgeous pot plants will remind you exactly why you’re vegetarian and why vegetarian food should be celebrated!


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