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Niche & Co, Gold Coast

Located in the southern end of the Gold Coast, Niche & Co is a small and quirky cafe that embodies the essence of the Gold Coast with their simple, health-conscious menu and their laid-back, stylish beachy decor. Niche & Co offer predominantly vegetarian food and specialise in creating nourishing acai bowls, cold-pressed juices, smoothies, raw treats, fresh salads and healthy vegetarian lunch options.


With it’s comfy white chairs and matching tile-covered tables, funky mosaic wall art, blackboard menus with mermaid chalk drawings and an impressive menu that boasts raw and cooked breakfast and lunch options and creative acai bowls, it’s easy to see why Niche & Co is a favourite cafe among locals. The high ceilings and spacious seating, despite it’s small space, enables the cool seabreeze to flow through which makes sipping a coffee or drinking a smoothie a pleasurable activity that can easily stretch for hours.



Poke (po-keh) bowls are all the rage at the moment – and for good reason too! Fresh, vibrant and nourishing, poke bowls contain a healthy selection of vegetables, grains and salads. The warm grilled zucchini was the perfect accompaniment to the fresh, shredded carrot, and the spiced pumpkin cubes paired perfectly with the warm kale leaves. The avocado spiral was beautiful both aesthetically and flavour-wise as everything tastes better with avocado! Black rice was a quirky addition which marbled throughout the dish and added a nice textural contrast to the soft avocado and pumpkin. The poke bowl is definitely worth making a trip to the Gold Coast for; it’s both warm and cool, crunchy and soft and made with the freshest produce. This is what vegetarianism is all about!


A trip to Niche & Co wouldn’t be complete without indulging in one of their signature acai bowls! The peanut butter acai bowl, pictured here, is pure peanut buttery heaven! Pleasantly sweet acai berry mixed with housemade nutty peanut butter and vegan protein powder is a surprisingly delicious combination. Topped with Byron Bay made granola, banana, coconut shreds, activated buckinis and almond meal, it’s soft, crunchy, sweet, savoury and the ultimate non-guilty sweet treat.

For a quick acai bowl fix, a fresh smoothie or a long, lazy lunch head to Niche & Co next time you’re on the Gold Coast. The menu utilises the Gold Coast’s freshest produce and creates meals that are wholesome, nutritious and unprocessed. The acai bowl menu is creative and fun and there’s something for everyone! At Niche & Co it’s easy to get your 5 servings of fruit and veg in each day – in the most delicious way possible!


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