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Comuna Cantina, Brisbane City

Vibrant, fun and modern, Comuna Cantina is a trendy bar and restaurant serving fabulous Latin street food! Served on beautiful wooden serving platters, their food is more than just simple street food, it’s healthy and fresh, vibrant and fun and made to share with your fellow diners. There’s plenty of vegetarian options too, like their abundance bowls which are full of fresh salads and vegetables with a lot of Latin loving!


The share platter was extra special with the unusual addition of fried banana – a Latin specialty! Crispy and wafer thin, the fried banana was unexpectedly savoury in flavour; the inherent sweetness was mellowed by salt and the smoky flavour of the deep fryer. With the guacamole and chipotle aioli the fried banana went down a treat! The simple addition of grated parmesan on top of the sweet potato and white potato chips was pure genius as the saltiness of the parmesan enhanced the sweetness of the sweet potato and brought out the nuttiness of the white potato. And the fried tortilla chips? Well you can never go wrong when there’s some guacamole slapped on!


The abundance bowl was not only aesthetically beautiful, it was delicious and full of beautiful, fresh vegetables like avocado and cherry tomatoes and Latin favourites like quinoa and black beans. A simple dish with ingredients that worked harmoniously together, like the moist quinoa and the dense black beans, the soft sweet potato and the juicy tomato and the crunch of the tortilla chips that added a textural contrast, the abundance bowl was pleasurable with many elements. Fresh and vibrant, it’s a winner among vegetarians and even meat-eaters!

Simple and fresh Latin street food from Comuna Cantina will certainly win the hearts of any vegetarian – or any foodie for that matter! The subtle Latin flavours are at the heart of every dish which makes it all the more special and authentic. For a fun night out head to Comuna Cantina as they have cool cocktails, a great bar and awesome street food which you can easily pick at or share over great conversation with your friends! Most of all, it’s a vegetarian’s heaven!


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