Cafe, Food, Vegetarian

BSKT, Gold Coast

Located smack bang on the beach front with a quirky Instagram-worthy graffiti wall and a banging vegetarian-friendly menu, BSKT cafe is a local favourite! The million-dollar ocean views may be a major draw-card, but it’s the fantastic food that keeps the locals and tourists coming back to BSKT. With a predominantly vegetarian breakfast menu and a selection of vegetarian lunches like fresh, green salads and high-protein falafel bowls, BSKT is certainly fit for a vegetarian king!


Nothing like a cold-pressed, fresh orange juice to kick start your palate! Cool and refreshing it was wonderful to sip on while stewing over the menu.



Vibrant, light and fresh, this Goji Green salad was the perfect vegetarian lunch. The crisp kale and baby spinach leaves were generously coated in a homemade avocado aioli dressing which was salty and creamy and contrasted perfectly with the pops of sweetness from the goji berries and chopped apple pieces. The rich and smooth avocado slices simply enhanced the whole dish as it added a soft textural element which balanced the crunchiness of the apple and goji berries and the crispness of the kale and baby spinach. Texturally perfect and oh so delicious, this Goji Green salad is a must-order for any vegetarian!

With gorgeous ocean views and fantastic food that’s fresh, delicious and very reasonably priced, BSKT is an excellent cafe for vegetarians to visit!


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