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Mons Ban Sabai Thai, Camp Hill

With a traditional Thai menu and an ambient, cosy decor, Mons Ban Sabai Thai is a beautiful, authentic Thai restaurant that has all your Thai favourites!

If you want to take your tastebuds on an authentic Thai journey, look no further than Mons Ban Sabai Thai in Camp Hill. Mons Ban Sabai is a rusitc, Queenslander-turned-restaurant nestled on a quiet hill in Camp Hill. When you step through the quaint black doors you’re immediately mesmerised by the tranquil atmosphere, which is pleasantly warm and inviting with dim lighting and and cosy seating, despite the fact it’s busy with staff dashing in and out taking food to tables and packing Uber Eats orders.

Seated under a picturesque open window with the cool night’s breeze dancing around the table, you know you’re in for a comfortable and quality dining experience. The menu is filled with classic Thai dishes like Pad Thai, Red and Green Curry and a fabulous selection of Thai stir fries, curries, salads and entrees, so there’s something for everyone!


A classic Thai dish, this cashew stir fry with colourful mixed veggies and tofu was superb! The crisp, fresh veggies were tossed in a hot wok with a delicious house made sweet chilli and garlic sauce with a generous handful of warm, roasted cashews. Sweet and savoury, and warm and fresh, this stir fry was vibrant, healthy and full of flavour!


Deep. Fried. Ice cream. What else needs to be said?! The thick, crispy batter on the outside was dense and fluffy and perfectly encased the sweet, soft ice cream inside. Yum! Smothered in a rich, thick chocolate sauce it was the perfect naughty dessert! How the ice cream stayed nice and soft and cold inside, but the batter stayed warm and crispy on the outside is a mystery, but just another reason to love deep fried ice cream even more!

For delicious, healthy and fresh authentic Thai food, Mons Ban Sabai Thai in Camp Hill is where it’s at! Not only is their menu highly adaptable to specific dietary requirements, most dishes can be substituted with tofu instead of meat to suit vegetarians so it’s the perfect restaurant for vegetarians, meat-eaters and anyone in between!


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