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Brisbane’s Best Pancakes

Pancakes are a girl’s best friend! Heck, they’re everyone’s best friend! Pancakes are a warm and fluffy culinary canvas that can be adorned with whatever toppings you fancy – sweet or savoury! Pancakes are so delightful and just plain awesome that there’s even a whole day dedicated to them. In honour of the amazing pancake, we’ve searched high and low for Brisbane’s best pancakes and you won’t be disappointed!



Little Clive | Annerley

Hold the phone! Little Clive have peanut butter and jelly pancakes! Need we say more? Peanut butter and jelly were made for each other – rich, nutty peanut butter with the sweetness of tangy raspberry jelly mmm. Slathered on pancakes the scrumptious level is amplified and you’ve just got to try them!


Little Sista Café | Camp Hill

Icecream and pancakes go together like… icecream and pancakes! At Little Sista Café you can enjoy this classic combination with the addition of your choice of mouthwatering flavours, like caramelised banana and nutella, Canadian maple bacon and red velvet pancakes with vanilla frosting and berries. Excuse us while we mop up the drool…


Pawpaw Café | Woolloongabba

Fruity and fresh, the blueberry pancakes at Pawpaw Café will make you smile from ear to ear! Not only do they look pretty with flowers and fresh fruit stacked on top, they’re simply delectable! Made from rich buttermilk, these pancakes are light and fluffy and you can even add bacon on top – totally worth bacon your diet for!


Chapter IV Cafe | Paddington

Feeling a bit fancy? Of course you are! Chapter IV Café have got just the dish for you when you want more than the humble pancake – they’ve got blueberry crepes! Delicate and sweet, these fancy schmancy crepes are stuffed with creamy custard, berry coulis and fresh fruit. They’re also 100% insta-worthy so go on and flaunt your crepes girl (or guy)!


Pineapple Express Café | Portside Wharf

If you’re a bit of a health nut who loves to treat yo’ self (guilty as charged) then Pineapple Express Café’s turmeric and lemon protein pancakes are for you! Turmeric is the new kale so it’s totally okay to devour the whole plate of pancakes because, you know, it’s healthy. Combined with lemon and protein powder these babies will fill you up and go down nice and sweetly!


Mylk & Ko | New Farm

You’ll go coco for these lemon and coco pancakes from Mylk & Ko! They’re amazing because they’re totally Instragrammable and we all know if it’s not posted on Instagram, did you even eat them? Anyway, back to the pancakes, they’re light and fresh with coconut yoghurt and they’ve got an awesome element of crunch (which makes everything taste better) with roasted almonds and coconut flakes. Did we mention they’ll look awesome on Instagram?


Smoked Paprika Café | Bardon

The blueberry ricotta pancakes from Smoked Paprika Café are jam packed with your favourite pancake toppings! Banana, maple syrup, honey macadamia, berry compote… mmm they’re berry good! But don’t let the name of this café fool you, there’s no smoked paprika in sight, just sweet, sweet sugar!


Billy Kart | West End

For simple pancakes made well, Billy Kart have your pancake needs sorted! How does buttermilk and ricotta pancakes with coconut and caramel sound? We know, we know. The sweet caramel balances the tangyness of the buttermilk, while the fresh ricotta adds a richness to the pancakes that’s melt-in-your-mouth good, and the coconut? Well everyone loves coconut – including you! These pancakes are a winner!


Holy crepe Brisbane has a lot of pancakes! But you know, pancakes are awesome. Let us know which pancakes are your favourite and if you’ve got another recommendation. We’re always on the lookout for new pancakes to try (for research of course).




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